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In 2014, the Pirogov Hospital became a laureate in a national contest for the Best Maternity House in Russia. It became possible mainly due to the adoption of world obstetric standards by two maternity departments of the hospital (№20 and №21).

The medical staff adheres to the principles of minimal drug use and minimal medical intervention. The staff strives to make women comfortable morally and physically in order to deliver a healthy baby in a natural way.

Natural childbirth

One of the principles is the delayed clamping of the umbilical cord. In this approach, the infant receives the oxygenated blood and stem cells from the placenta for some additional time, which has a positive effect on newborn health.

The staff members also make an effort to fully utilize the beneficial features of vernix—the waxy substance which covers the skin of a newborn. Midwives don’t wash it off. Rather, they gently wipe the newborn’s face with a towel. The first bathing occurs only after discharge, at home.

In the case, a natural delivery is not possible, modern C-section techniques are utilized (including the repeated C-section). The maternity departments have gained extensive experience in performing such interventions.

Options for expectant mothers

The expectant mother may choose to sign a contract for individualized deliver assistance with any OB/GYN doctor working in the hospital.

Expectant mothers may also sign a contract with neonatologist for personal neonatal care for the first month of a newborn’s life.

If she wishes, the expectant mother may stay in a high-comfort room.

Maternity Observation Department №20

Perinatology Department (including premature babies) №20-a

Maternity Observation Department №21

Neonatal (including preterm) Department №21-a (with intensive care unit)

To schedule an appointment for paid services and for additional information, please call:

8 (846) 207-99-77, 207-88-88