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Chest X-ray (radiography and fluoroscopy).

Examination of bones and joints (peripheral skeletal radiography, functional vertebral studies, skull and facial skeleton radiography).

Gynecological X-ray studies (hysterosalpingography, multi spiral computed tomography—hysterosalpingography).

Polypositional gastrointestinal tract examination (fluoroscopy of the stomach, duodenum and colon), retrograde cholangiopancreatography.

Urinary tract X-ray (intravenous urography, ascending retrograde pyelography, ureterography and antegrade pyelography).

Clinical and diagnostic department

Diagnosis of GI tract and bronchial disorders;

biopsies, removal of foreign objects from GI tract and bronchi;

radiographic endoscopic manipulations (ERCP);

Papillotomy, lithotomy, polyp removal.

Endoscopy Department

Abdominal ultrasound:

  • US of liver, gallbladder;
  • pancreas, spleen, retroperitoneal space;
  • US of kidneys, adrenals, bladder, prostate, external male genitals, US of uterus and ovaries;
  • transvaginal ultrasound;
  • transrectal ultrasound of the prostate;
  • obstetric ultrasonography at all terms,
  • fetal and maternal Doppler (full scale examination in second and third trimesters).

US of the superficial structures:

thyroid gland, salivary glands, breasts and umbilical ring;

chest ultrasonography: lungs and pleural cavities;

vascular ultrasonography with color mapping of: arteries of upper and lower limbs, head, neck, renal arteries;

examination of blood flow in the liver, arteries and veins of the uterus and salpinges, prostate gland, ovarian blood flow (in female patients), fetal, placental and uterine blood flow;

doppler echocardiography, fetal echocardiography, ECG;

Holter monitoring;

invasive ultrasound techniques: ultrasound-guided diagnostic and therapeutic punctures of cysts, abscesses, hematomas, biopsies of internal neoplasms, drainage of abscesses, phlegmons etc.

Clinical and diagnostic department

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