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Abdominal surgery:

  • supracervical hysterectomy;
  • extirpation of the uterus;
  • minor C-section;
  • fallopian tube resection for extrauterine pregnancy;
  • ovarian resection;
  • uterine fibroids resection;
  • operations on uterine adnexa;
  • cervical amputation and other surgery of the female genitalia;

Laparoscopic surgery:

  • termination of uterine pregnancies;
  • colpocentesis;
  • Bartholin gland cyst removal;
  • vaginal extirpation of the uterus;
  • vaginal plastic surgery;
  • cervical electrocauterization;
  • reconstruction of internal part of the cervix;
  • cervical biopsy;
  • colporrhaphy after trauma;
  • diagnostic dilation and curettage of cervix and uterus;
  • hysteroscopy/hysteroresectoscopy;
  • conservative myomectomy.

Laparoscopic operations:

  • operations for infertility;
  • diagnostic laparoscopy;
  • adnexectomy;
  • extirpation of the uterus with laparoscopic assistance;
  • hysterectomy;
  • surgery for ovarian apoplexy;
  • ovarian biopsy;
  • gestational sac “milking”;salpingorrhaphy for ectopic pregnancy;
  • tubectomy for ectopic pregnancy;
  • ovarian resection;
  • female surgical sterilization;dilation and curettage and other surgery on female genitals.
  • Contour plastic surgery: correction of involutional changes and female erectile functions with hyaluronic acid.

Gynecology Department №14

Admission of pregnant women with the following disorders: risk of miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, cervical isthmus incompetence after surgical correction, edema of pregnancy, chronic fetoplacental insufficiency; chronic fetal hypoxia, fetal developmental delay syndrome, critical fetal conditions, intrauterine fetal infection, hydramnios and oligoamnios, Rh and AB0 incompatibility, symphysis pubis dysfunction, blood disorders; cardiovascular diseases: arterial hypertension and hypotension, congenital heart defects, etc.

More than half of the women being treated in the department have a pregnancy term of more than 28 weeks. These patients are included in the risk group because, at this term and with such existing complications, the risk of preterm labor is high.

The diagnostic examinations and treatment are performed in accordance with Russian and international standards of medical care for patients with complicated pregnancy.

High-Risk Maternity Unit №18

Various types of surgical interventions.

Abdominal surgery:

  • operations on adnexa for tubo-ovarian neoplasms;
  • supracervical hysterectomy;
  • extirpation of the uterus.

Laparoscopic surgery:

  • exploratory laparoscopy,
  • adnexectomy.

Laparoscopic operations:

  • hysteroscopy;
  • diagnostic dilation and curettage of cervix and uterus;
  • perineal secondary suturing;
  • Bartholin’s abscess drainage;
  • colpocentesis;
  • pregnancy interruption for antenatal fetal death at various terms.

Gynecology Department for Patients with Septic Surgical Diseases №19

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