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The wide array of surgical interventions in virtually all fields of surgery, such as:

outpatient surgery (soft tissue benign tumors removal, ingrown nails correction etc.);

plastic and aesthetic surgery (face, nose, eyelids, ears, breast, limbs plastic surgery, liposuction, scar correction, intimate cosmetic surgery);

abdominal surgery (repair of the anterior abdominal wall hernias, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, liver and cysts punctures);

vascular surgery (sclerotherapy, operations for varicose veins);

urological surgery (for phimosis, varicocele, hydrocele, bladder and urethral polyps etc.);

traumatology (osteosynthesis, metal implants removal etc.);

gynecology (hysteroscopy, early pregnancy termination, plastic surgery of external genitalia, colposcopy etc.).

Urology Department №3

Traumatology Department №4

Surgery Department №6

Surgery Department №7

Gynecology Department №14

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