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  • diagnostics and modern surgical treatment for patients with ischemic cerebral disease;
  • diagnostics for patients with upper and lower extremities ischemia (including those with diabetic foot);
  • surgical treatment of critical limb ischemia;
  • surgical treatment of patients with aneurisms of abdominal aorta and major arteries;
  • diagnostics and treatment of patients with secondary arterial hypertensions (vasorenal hypertension, adrenal gland tumors);
  • diagnostics and treatment for venous diseases;

Types of surgical interventions performed in the department on head and neck arteries:

  • Eversion carotid endarterectomy;
  • carotid artery bypass grafting;
  • carotid resection and redressement (straightening) for kinked carotid artery;
  • carotid-subclavian bypass;
  • subclavian to carotid transposition (prosthesis);
  • upper extremities artery reconstruction;
  • neck tumor removal (chemodectoma or paraganglioma of the neck).

2. On abdominal aorta:

  • abdominal aneurysm resection with prosthesis;
  • aortoiliac/aortofemoral bypass/prosthesis.

3. On iliac arteries:

  • emoral artery aneurysm resection with prosthesis;
  • femoral to femoral crossover bypass;
  • subclavian-femoral artery bypass.

4. On arteries below inguinal ligament:

  • femoral-popliteal bypass;
  • femoral-tibial bypass;
  • popliteo-pedal bypas;,
  • arterialization of the venous blood flow on ankle and foot;
  • arterial aneurysm resection with prosthesis;
  • autotransplantation of great omental flap to the shin;
  • transposition of dermatomuscular flap to the shin.

5. Operations on visceral and renal arteries:

  • transaortic endarterectomy of visceral arteries,
  • renal arteries prosthesis;
  • kidney autotransplantation (for tumors).

6. On venous system:

  • combined phlebectomy,
  • sclerotherapy

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