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Treatment of kidney stone disease:

Besides traditional open surgeries, endoscopiclithotripsy (contact lithotripsy), punctures and minimally invasive surgeries via cosmetic mini approach are performed in the department. Significant attention is paid to litholytic therapy (stone dissolution) and to the prevention of kidney stone disease.

Treatment of prostate adenoma (Benign Prostatic Hyperpasia- BPH) with the unique bipolar endoscopic technique.

Reconstructive and plastic urology and andrology. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery on male genitals.

Urogynecology. Complex examination and treatment of female urination disorders and incontinence. The most modern reconstructive techniques are used.


For urinary system cancers, the most modern radical operations are performed, such as radical prostatectomy, radical cystectomy with orthotopic neobladder formation, radical nephrectomy for renal and ureteral cancer, etc.

Urology Department №3

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