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State-Funded Healthcare Institution of the Samara Region “Samara City N.I. Pirogov Clinical Hospital №1” (official) is a large multifield healthcare institution providing 24-hour medical care for the residents and the guests of the city and the Samara region.

The hospital is fully licensed for all types of provided medical treatments.

State-Funded Healthcare Institution of the Samara Region “Samara City N.I. Pirogov Clinical Hospital #1” is a large healthcare institution providing highly-qualified specialized medical care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. This modern hospital has a long history as a highly-specialized treatment and prevention establishment., It has always strived to solve the most challenging scientific and practical problems in the field of medicine. Providing 24-hour emergency medical care is the hospital’s main priority. In addition to serving a large number of city residents, people from elsewhere in the region and country also seek medical care in our hospital. The hospital treats 80,000–85,000 patients annually. About 6,000 babies are delivered annually in the maternity department of the hospital.

The hospital has 1,000 beds and performs over 16,500 surgeries a year, including those performed using advanced medical technologies.

The hospital provides medical care for surgical, neurosurgical, gynecologic, orthopedic, neurologic, cardiology patients; for patients suffering from burns and burn complications; during pregnancy and labor. There are 17 operation rooms in the hospital where, on average, 36 surgeries are performed daily. 70% of these surgeries are urgent.

The hospital also features the only one in the region inter-regional burn center, a primary vascular center and a Level 1 trauma center.

For many years, the hospital has brought the latest advances in medical science into practice, in part, by maintaining the affiliation with Samara State Medical University. The hospital is the clinical base for the SSMU Department of Postgraduate Education and its excellent faculty.

The most valuable asset of the hospital is its staff. Out of 361 physicians working in the hospital, 116 have qualifications of the highest category. 39 have PhD degrees and 5 have D.Sc. (Medicine) degrees. Out of 635 nurses, 267 have qualifications of the highest category. Five of our physicians hold the honorary title of Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.