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Upon admission to Maternity Departments №20 and №21, patients should have:

Passport, policy of mandatory health insurance, “exchange card” and “labor certificate”.

If desired, patients may bring the following to the maternity department: Comfortable clothes, personal hygiene items, utensils and dishes, cell phone and other communication devices, as well as baby clothes and infant care items.

All personal belongings should be packed into plastic bags, the total weight not exceeding 5 kg (11 lbs). It is not recommended to bring valuables and jewelry since the hospital is not responsible for their damage or loss.

There are single- and double occupancy service wards in the neonatal departments. These wards are equipped with TVs and refrigerators. Visits from relatives are allowed at certain times. The cost to stay in the service ward is 8,300 RUB for the first 7 days, after that the daily tariff applies.

The maternity departments welcome partnership delivery depending on the schedules of delivery rooms (a separate delivery room is provided for the spouses). The partner has to provide the fluorography report, evidence of diphtheria vaccination, and must have a clean pair of shoes and cotton clothes (pants and shirt or T-shirt).