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Natalia Denisova, MD, PhD
OB/GYN, Head of Maternity Observation Division №20

Dr. Denisova graduated from Samara Medical Institute (MD) Ulianov (1992). She later completed an internship (1993) and postgraduate course in OB/GYN (2009) at the same institute. In 2013, she completed professional training in public healthcare (REAVIZ Medical University). She specializes in individualized prenatal care for high-risk pregnancy patients with somatic disorders and complicated obstetric history.

She defended a PhD thesis, “Use of autologous lactobacteria in the restoration of disturbed vaginal biocenosis”. She has two rationalization proposals: “The method of vaginal disbiosis correction after antimicrobal therapy” and “The method of culturing autologous vaginal lactobacteria”. She authored the publication “The analysis of structure and tactics of managing preterm deliveries” in the scientific compendium for 30th anniversary of the OB/GYN Department of Samara State Medical University.
Dr. Denisova has a qualification of the highest category. She had been working at Samara City N.I. Pirogov Clinical Hospital №1 since 1993.
Work experience: 26 years.