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Filimonov Konstantin
Surgeon, MD
Head of Burn Department

Konstantin Filimonov graduated from Samara State medical University on a speciality “General medicine” (2003), where he also completed the internship in surgery (2004). He сompleted trainings in “Maxillofacial surgery” (MI “Reaviz”, 2008) and “Plastic surgery” (MI “Reaviz”, 2014). Konstantin Filimonov performs surgical procedures: autografting, alloplastic, amputation of limbs, amputation of the phalanges, lancing abscesses and streaks of pus, necrectomy, phased necrectomy with simultaneous plasticity of assertequal scar excision, Z plastic, free skin grafts split-and full-thickness with autotransplantation, the endoprosthesis of the mammary glands, the upper and lower blepharoplasty, mastopexy, mamoplasty reduction, abdominoplasty, liposuction. He mastered the technique of puncture and catheterization of the main veins, the technique of transplanting culture cells allofibroblasts.

He is the author of the thesis “Improving the local treatment of wounds in patients with localized burns”. He has authored more than 26 publications in regional and national press. Konstantin Filimonov is the author of the rationalization proposal “Burn modeling method”; he holds the patent for the invention “Local treatment method of III degree burn injuries”.

Assistant of the Department of General Surgery, SamGMU (2011). Member of the All-Russian Association of Combustiologists “The World without Burns.”

Konstantin Filimonov has worked in our hospital since 2004. Professional seniority: 13 years.