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Prohorova Lilia
Head of Gynecology Department for Patients with Septic Surgical Diseases №19

Head of gynecological department for patients with surgical purulent diseases №19

Prohorova Lilia graduated from the Samara State Medical University in the specialty “General medicine” (1997), she also passed residency in obstetrics and gynecology (1999). Prohorova Lilia perfectly mastered modern diagnostic and treatment methods. She perfoms all types of surgical operations in obstetrics and gynecology.

Prohorova Lilia has authored of three published works (for the last 5 years). She is the author of the  thesis “Forecasting the fetal intrauterine infection with regional risk factors and the state of the fetoplacental complex.”

Prohorova Lilia holds a doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist qualification of the highest category.

Prohorova Lilia has worked in our hospital since 1999. Professional seniority: 18 years.