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Rodin Sergey
Head of Septic Surgery Department №17

Sergey Rodin graduated from the military medical faculty at the Samara State Medical University in the specialty “General medicine” (1998). He completed the internship (1999) and residency in surgery (2004). Sergey Rodin successfully performs surgical interventions techniques for diseases of the abdominal and thoracic cavities, for purulent and vascular diseases. He knows and widely applies the methods of intra-arterial and intraosseous introduction of antibiotics in bone and osteoarticular panaritiums, osteomyelitis, antibacterial casein blockades with extensive upper and lower extremities phlegmon.

Sergey Rodin is the author of 17 publications. He holds the rationalization proposal for “Direct antibiotics transport method with small blood volumes for patients with diabetes mellitus with purulent necrotic processes of the lower limbs”. He served as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Service (1996-2009).

Sergey Rodin holds a qualification of the highest category in surgery. He has worked in our hospital since 2009. Professional seniority: 20 years.