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Skuratova Maria
Head of Cardiology Department №23

Skuratova Maria graduated from the Samara State Medical University in the “General medicine” specialty (1998), than she passed residency in therapy (2000) and professional retraining in the “Cardiology” (2005). She is a specialist in cardiological profile. Maria is fluent in all modern methods of treatment of diseases of the cardiac and therapeutic profile. She is mastered in Holter monitoring deciphering technique.

Skuratova Maria is the author of the thesis “Life quality and long-term results in patients with infectious endocarditis with surgical and conservative methods of treatment.” She has authored of 13 published works, two of them are international. Member of the RCU and the European Society of Cardiology. She participated in the congresses of the Russian Cardiological Society, European Society of Cardiology.

She holds qualification of the highest category in the specialties “Cardiology” and “Therapy”.

Skuratova Maria has worked in our hospital since 2010. Professional seniority: 17 years.