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Valentina Slobodina
Head of Neonatal Division №21-a (with intensive care unit)
She graduated from Minsk GMI, pediatrics (1972), then she graduated from an internship in pediatrics (1973). She passed the training in specialty “neonatology” (Ukrainian Institute of Advanced Medical Education, 1981). She applies all modern methods of providing qualified specialized medical care for newborns. The main direction is the newborns care with extremely low body weight. She uses the method of dry immersion therapy for children with microcirculation disorders in the vertebral artery and brain system. She treats children born in severe asphyxia who had birth trauma, with hemolytic disease. In treatment she uses methods of prolonged artificial lung ventilation.
She holds doctor-neonatologist qualification of the highest category
Valentina Slobodina has worked in our hospital since 1974.
Professional seniority: 45 years.