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The department is part of the Maternity Department №21.

Founding date and brief history:

The maternity department was established in 1946.

Departmental staff:

Head of the division, 7 physicians and 16 nurses.

Main scientific directions of department:

Treatment of newborns with extremely low body weight.

Clinical activities and procedures:

All types of neonatal care

Diagnostic methods:

Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, dynamic cardiography

Department structure and equipment:

The department is fitted with modern equipment.

Information for patients:

The department provides neonatal care using the most modern methods.


Valentina Slobodina

Head of Neonatal Division №21-a (with intensive care unit)
Head of the Department

Paid services:

Visiting days/hours:

Daily 8-00 – 10-00, 17-00 – 19-00. On weekends 8-00 – 17-00

Contact telephones:

+7(846) 207-18-47