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Practice and scientific work

The staff works in two main areas.

First, histological examination of the biopsies, surgical material, Pap smears and endometrial biopsies, biopsies from the stomach and colon and urgent biopsies. To examine gastric biopsies and smears, we use accelerated paraffin processing. This allows us to provide a histological evaluation 1–2 days after receiving the material in the lab. For intraoperational biopsies, we use the frozen sections technique with mandatory paraffin embedding of the remaining material or for detection of lipids in the specimens.

Complicated biopsies or autopsy cases are discussed at the department’s physician conferences, at the Regional Oncologic Dispensary, and in the pathology department of Samara State Medical University.

At the same time, our physicians are often invited to provide their evaluations of specimens from other medical institutions, especially in cases of TB of the skin or lymph nodes.

The second area of work is the pathology examination of dead bodies (autopsy), preparing reports, providing pathology diagnoses and reports on cause of death.

During an autopsy, specialists compare clinical and pathology diagnoses.

In addition, pathologists take part in clinical-anatomical conferences where the autopsy cases are discussed and the macro- and micropreparations are presented for the medical audience.

The Department of Pathology №27 actively collaborates with the SSMU Surgery Department in studies of thyroid diseases among residents of the Samara region, both with the OB/GYN Department on a project studying placental inflammatory changes and with the Otolaryngology Department in the studies of the particularities of the structure of soft palate and lingual tonsils in various diseases.


Larina Tatiana

Head of Pathology Department №27
Head of the Department

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Head of the department +7(846) 207-19-31, reception +7(846) 207-19-41