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The staff includes 6 doctors with qualifications of the highest degree, 3 doctors with qualifications of the first category and 3 doctors with PhD degrees.

Clinical activities and procedures

The department specializes in preterm deliveries, care for premature, and low birthweight infants, who comprise 15-20% of newborns annually. The department admits pregnant and postpartum patients with severe obstetric and extragenital disorders (gestosis, placental and fetal disturbances;

lung and kidney diseases in pregnancy;

multiple births; pregnancies after extracorporeal fertilization.


Natalia Denisova, MD, PhD

OB/GYN, Head of Maternity Observation Division №20
Head of the Department

Paid services:

Visiting days/hours:

Contact telephones:

Head of the Department +7(846) 207-19-50, Reception +7(846) 207-19-49