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Clinical activities and procedures:

Various surgical interventions are carried out in Gynecology Department №19.

Abdominal surgery:

  • operations on adnexa for tubo-ovarian neoplasms,
  • supracervical hysterectomy,
  • extirpation of the uterus, Laparoscopic surgery:
  • exploratory laparoscopy,
  • adnexectomy,

Laparoscopic operations:

  • hysteroscopy,
  • diagnostic dilation and curettage of cervix and uterus,
  • perineal secondary suturing,
  • Bartholin’s abscess drainage,
  • colpocentesis,
  • pregnancy interruption for antenatal fetal death at various terms.


Prohorova Lilia

Head of the Department

Paid services:

Visiting days/hours:

Contact telephones:

+7(846) 207-05-76, 207-05-73