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Clinical activities and procedures:

The department provides treatment of traumas and diseases of the skull, brain, peripheral nervous system, spine and spinal cord using modern methods, including:

  • endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery for brain tumors, intracranial hematomas, herniated discs,
  • implantation of anterior and posterior titanium hardware on all parts of the spine (plates, transpedicular fixation systems, cages, TELEFIX, VentroFix etc), dynamic spine stabilization systems (artificial cervical and thoracic discs, dynamic transpedicular systems, interspinous fixation devices, nucleoplasty),
  • plastic surgery with skull reconstruction using titanium sponge implants,
  • brain microvascular surgery to treat stroke and trauma consequences,
  • percutaneous vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty,
  • reinnervation of the peripheral nerves and plexus with autografts.


Sergey Sergeyev, MD, PhD

Head of Neurosurgery Department №5
Head of the Department

Paid services:

Visiting days/hours:

Daily 11-00 -13-00, 17-00 – 19-00

Contact telephones:

+7(846) 207-21-51, 207-21-53, 207-21-54.