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Clinical activities and procedures

In the treatment of neurosurgical patients, including those with cervical spine trauma, as a rule, the balanced combination anesthesia with modern preparations is utilized. This ensures early patient recovery.

The combined anesthesia followed by postoperative analgesia is also used for patients with giant ventral hernias. This approach allows early patient activation. As a result, the risk of postoperative complication is lowered.

In delivery rooms, physicians provide anesthesia for physiologic deliveries and manage surgical deliveries under spinal anesthesia in conscious patients.

In their work, our doctors use the newest drugs and modern monitoring equipment.

The main work priority of Department №10 is the use of conservative methods of anesthesia (spinal and epidural) with postoperative analgesia.


Panin Pavel

Head of Anesthesiology/Resuscitation Department №10
Head of the Department

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Тел.: +7(846) 207-21-78, 207-21-76