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Departmental activities

The following specialists are on duty in the department round-the-clock: internist, surgeon, traumatologist, neurosurgeon, gynecologist, urologist, neurologist and cardiologist. If necessary, other specialists are invited for consultation.

Services rendered in the department:

  • patient admission and registration,
  • physical examination, urgent medical assistance, directing the patient to the proper department for hospitalization (except for the burn center and maternity units, which have their own admission services),
  • sanitary and hygienic procedures for incoming patients,
  • medical documentation preparation, patient transportation.

Most patients are delivered to the hospital by ambulance. Most often, incoming patients need immediate medical assistance. Therefore, the work flow in the department is defined by a special algorithm and limited timeframes. A patient must be registered, properly examined and, if deemed necessary, hospitalized within an hour of arrival.

Valeriy Rukhlyadayev, MD

Head of the Admissions Department
Head of the Department

Paid services:

Visiting days/hours:

Contact telephones:

+7(846) 207-22-00, 207-20-03.